It’s A Girl Thing

It’s A Girl Thing


Whoever came up with the notion that a woman can’t have fun without a man sure didn’t know what they were talking about. Gone are the days when women pined their life away by the telephone, waiting for Mr. Right to call. We women are fun, fearless, and we have no problem going out on the town by ourselves or with a group of girlfriends. (Honestly, isn’t that more fun anyway?) If you’re craving some girl time with your besties, there are a ton of options available to insure a fun night for all. Consider these …

1. Spa evening: As hard-working women, we tend to wear a bunch of different hats, such as wife, mother, employee, friend, cook, referee, daughter, and so on. So when we have the opportunity to pamper ourselves, that time is precious. And when you have a spa date with your close friends, it gives you the chance to sit back, relax, and talk about things you don’t feel comfortable sharing with anyone else. If you check the Yellow Pages, you can find many salons that offer discount packages for groups. Call and make your reservation today!

2. Not-so-ordinary recreation: Ever wanted to try bungee jumping but were too terrified to go for it? There’s just something about being with a group of your closest friends that tends to bring out the daredevil in all of us. Get together with your girlfriends and do something not-so traditional, like visiting a palm reader, skydiving, snorkeling, or something cultural like taking an art class. A break from the ordinary is good for the soul.

3. Swap meet: Do you have clothes, shoes, accessories, books, and other such items you no longer use? Then why not get together with your friends for a swap night? It’s a great way to fill up your closet with a new wardrobe without spending a dime. For your friends on a budget, this is golden, and new clothes are always a great boost to the ego.