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Postcard from Erik Satie to Pierre de Massot
Courtesy of Marty Jourard

I recently placed the winning bid for one of Satie's postcards he would send around and about Paris. I couldn't believe anything was available, but a Connecticut autograph dealer offered the card, a 1923 request to Pierre de Massot asking to meet near "Hotel Terminus" at "17 1/2 hours" on a Monday. A confirmed Satie fanatic, I consider this a dream come true, despite the hefty price (don't ask!).

Pierre de Massot (1900-1969) was a big friend to Satie back then, involved in avant-garde/Dada events, he was a writer and journalist , he and his wife Robbie often ate dinner with Satie, although Satie "seems to have regarded him as a willing 'dogsbody' who needed the prestige he brought him rather than vice versa", this from the book "Satie Remembered". Sounds like Satie!

I collect autographs, but none has thrilled me as much as the Satie letter.
His calligraphy is astounding.
Marty Jourard
Seattle, WA